What Bow Does Joe Rogan Use? – With Tips And Tricks

As a comedian, actor, and television host, Joe Rogan needs to be well-rounded in his skillset. One of the most important tools in his arsenal is the bow. Joe has been quoted as saying “The bow is one of the most complex and underrated weapons ever created.” Here, we will give you the answer to a question what does bow Joe Rogan use? We will also give you some insight as to why he believes the bow is such a complex and underrated weapon.

Joe Rogan’s bow of choice is the Mathews compound bow. This type of bow is perfect for his line of work because it is extremely versatile. The compound bow can be used for both hunting and target practice. It is also a very powerful weapon, which is perfect for self-defense. Joe has said that the compound bow is his “go-to” weapon when he is feeling threatened.

What Are The Key Features of Mathews Compound Bow?

There are a few key features of a Mathews compound bow.

Cam systems:

This is what gives a compound bow its power. There are typically two cams, though there are sometimes three or four. The cams work together to create a “let-off” point, which is the point at which the bow can be drawn back the maximum amount without putting excessive tension on the bowstring. At this point, the shooter can hold the bow at full draw for an extended period of time without getting tired.


The strings on a compound bow are typically made from a material called Dacron, though some bows use Kevlar instead. Dacron is strong and resistant to wear, making it an ideal material for bowstrings.


Cables are what connect the cams to the bowstring. They’re typically made from a steel alloy, which makes them strong and resistant to wear.


Pulleys are what allow the cams to rotate freely as the bow is drawn and released. They’re typically made from a plastic or composite material, which makes them lightweight and durable.

Bow Sights:

Bow sights are what help the shooter aim the bow. They’re typically mounted on the riser, and they can be either fixed or adjustable. These bow sights can be either open or peep sights.


Stabilizers help to keep the bow steady when it’s being drawn and released. They’re typically made from a lightweight material, such as aluminum or carbon fiber, and they’re mounted on the riser.


Quivers are what hold the arrows. They’re typically mounted on the riser or the limb, and they can be either detachable or permanently attached. Quivers can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, nylon, or plastic.

Compound bows are becoming increasingly popular, due to their many advantages over traditional bows.

More Energy Efficient:

Compound bows are becoming more popular than traditional bows because they are more energy efficient. Compound bows store and release more energy than traditional bows, which means they are able to shoot arrows faster and with more power. Additionally, compound bows are easier to use and require less strength to draw back than traditional bows. This makes them a great choice for novice shooters and those with weaker muscles.

More Accurate:

Another advantage of compound bows is that they are generally more accurate than traditional bows. The cams on compound bows provide a mechanical advantage, which allows for a higher bow speed and more kinetic energy to be transferred to the arrow. This results in greater accuracy and longer distances.

Easier to Use:

As mentioned above, compound bows are easier to use than traditional bows. This is due to the fact that they have a shorter draw length and weight, making them more manageable for those with smaller hands or weaker muscles. Additionally, the use of pulleys and cables makes it easier to keep the bow steadier while drawing, which results in greater accuracy.

More Versatile:

Compound bows are also more versatile than traditional bows. These bows can be used for both hunting and target shooting, while traditional bows are generally limited to either hunting or target shooting. Additionally, compound bows can be fitted with a variety of accessories, such as sights, stabilizers, and quivers, which allows the bow to be customized for the individual user’s needs. Traditional bows typically cannot be fitted with as many accessories.

Greater Safety:

Compound bows are also considered to be safer than traditional bows. This is because the use of pulleys and cables reduces the risk of the bowstring snapping back and injuring the shooter. Additionally, compound bows typically have a lower draw weight than traditional bows, which makes them less likely to cause injury.

How to Choose a Compound Bow?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a compound bow.

  • First, you’ll need to decide what size bow you need. The size of the bow will be determined by your draw length.
  • Second, you’ll need to decide what poundage you need. The poundage is the amount of force required to draw the bowstring back.
  • Third, you’ll need to choose what type of arrows you want to use. There are three main types of arrows: carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass.
  • Finally, you’ll need to decide what type of bow you want. There are two main types of bows: recurve and compound.


Joe uses a Mathews bow, which is designed for speed and accuracy. His go-to bow is the Switchback XT, which has an 80% let-off and can shoot arrows up to 320 feet per second. For those who are unfamiliar with archery terminology, let-off refers to the percentage of weight that’s still on the string after the arrow has been released. This feature makes it easier to hold the bow at full draw for extended periods of time. The Switchback XT also features a rock-solid back wall, which means there’s no give or flex when you reach the end of your draw cycle. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line hunting bow, be sure to check out the Mathews lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Beneficial To Use A Compound Bow?

Yes, there are many benefits to using a compound bow. A compound bow is much more powerful than a traditional bow, making it easier to take down large game animals.

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